Votes Tallied; 6 Republicans Who Voted Against Teacher Pay Lose Election (DETAILS)


It’s quite obvious that the Democratic party is now the only “party of the people” left in this country. Republicans only care about the ultra-wealthy, and their voting records in the United States Congress and state houses all over the U.S. prove it.

Tonight in Oklahoma, Republicans were taught a valuable lesson after six House Representatives, who voted against the state’s teacher pay bill, lost their primaries.

Oklahoma teachers are the most poorly paid teachers in the country, and they went on strike earlier this year to raise awareness to the plight of the public school system in the state and teacher pay too. The Oklahoma Education Association also held public forums, and a lot of their members started working for political campaigns to effect change in the state.

Evidently, what they’ve done worked, because of the 19 legislators who voted against the teacher pay bill, 15 won’t be returning to their jobs in Oklahoma City. The OEA didn’t beat around the bush when they touted what they were able to accomplish. University of Oklahoma political science professor Keith Gaddie said teachers and the OEA were critical components in ousting the legislators.

‘The educators made this happen. The teachers made this happen. OEA was one of several players that contributed to the downfall of these lawmakers.’

It looks like the expected #BigBlueWave2018 didn’t wait until November to come crashing to shore in Oklahoma. No, it came to shore early and made sure that a whole bunch of greedy Republicans wouldn’t even make it onto the ballot.
Oklahoma has been a deep red state for quite some time, thus all the problems with their public school system. Now it appears that the Democrats who are the true party of the people will be stepping in to fix years of neoliberal policies in Oklahoma.
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