Camera Pans To George W. During Obama’s McCain Eulogy – Crowd Erupts In Laughter


Donald Trump has been on the minds of everyone attending John McCain’s funeral Saturday morning, and the reason for that is mainly because of the intention behind today’s eulogies delivered by Meghan McCain and Barack Obama. Meghan in particular went hard against Trump, leaving no doubt that Trump was the target of her remarks about divisive “rhetoric” made by men who are much lesser patriots than her father.

With her trademark annoying neck swivel and typically ridiculous amount of anger, Meghan shone through as the harshest speaker at today’s ceremony commemorating her father’s life. This was an apparently planned route for the event, according to NY Times:

Obama’s speech was definitely the funniest, with his light-hearted jokes about his political adversary’s constant awareness of his shortcomings. Obama joked that McCain usually let him know about once a day what he was doing wrong in his presidency.

What really brought down the house though, was a joke Obama made about McCain’s mischievousness, including the hilarity of making George W. Bush and himself say nice things about him on national television. The crowd chuckled in unison as Obama made the joke, then the camera panned to George W. Bush, who was sitting next to his favorite first lady, Michelle Obama.

What happened next made the entire crowd erupt in laughter.

George W. Bush was apparently tickled pink, and his reaction, as it was displayed on a jumbo screen, brought down the entire house. Check out his reaction below via Twitter:

The responses from POLITICO’s tweet caused it to go viral within minutes. We saved the best reactions for you below: