Meghan McCain Shoots Pence A Death Glare As He Talks Trump At Her Father’s Funeral


The Trump Administration has been a thorn in the side of Vietnam veteran John McCain, and that prickliness didn’t subside when news of McCain’s terminal cancer diagnosis was announced, either. Trump seemingly even went harder on McCain for his disagreements about the way Donald is running the nation, and as McCain continued to get press and goodwill due to his aggressive form of brain cancer, Trump got more and more bitter that the attention wasn’t all on him.

After being banned from attending the funeral for the former U.S. fighter pilot shot down and tortured for five years, people assumed that McCain’s services would go off without a hitch, just like Barbara Bush’s funeral did. Trump wasn’t invited to that ceremony either, but the Bush family did not give any inklings that Donald Trump was on their minds at all.

That is not what happened Saturday morning, however, and as video from the services start to come out, The Donald has to be growing furiouser and furiouser.

Even Mike Pence felt the wrath of the McCain family as he was delivering a kind, if not completely phony, speech about the veteran, turned senator, turned presidential candidate. Notice the look on Meghan McCain’s face as it goes on.

McCain was clearly still angry over the treatment of her father, and the smear tactics Trump and his supporters have been using on the internet in an attempt to tarnish the mostly squeaky clean image of John McCain. Just look at her glaring at the vice president as he has the nerve to mention Donald Trump:

Screen-Shot-2018-09-01-at-8.13.47-AM Meghan McCain Shoots Pence A Death Glare As He Talks Trump At Her Father's Funeral Donald Trump Scandal Top Stories Veterans Videos

The youngest child of John and Cindy McCain, Meghan has always had a sharp tongue, if not a very noticable chip that resides squarely on both shoulders. She rants on The View about being villainized as a Republican, so her behavior at her father’s funeral is pretty much par for the course.

Check out the video of that speech below and judge for yourself whether or not Pence deserved the white hot laser beams directed at him via Meghan McCain’s angry eyes.

The internet mostly agreed with McCain’s anger, and some of the reactions were spot-on. Check them out below:

Soon after Mike Pence spoke, McCain gave her own speech, and what she said is being hailed as a mic drop moment for sure. In the speech, McCain clearly takes jabs at President Trump for being half the man her father was.