Obama Trash-Talks Trump During McCain Funeral In Attack Planned Before John’s Death


John McCain’s funeral has been the focal point of American media Saturday morning, with speakers including Meghan McCain, Mike Pence, George W. Bush, and now, Barack Obama. Meghan McCain’s eulogy was clearly written as a message for Donald Trump, who made the last year of McCain’s life hell in the press, and tried to destroy the legacy he sacrificed his life for.

McCain was quite transparently angry at the “rhetoric” used by Donald Trump in her father’s final year, when just a year before that, Donald Trump was nowhere on the political radar. McCain, meanwhile had spent decades as an Arizona state senator after returning from Vietnam after five years of torture and limited medical care.

Many thought this ceremony would be a kind-hearted tribute to John McCain, but according to the NY Times, the funeral was planned by McCain himself as a condemnation of men like Trump running the nation:

Now comes president Obama’s turn at the podium. Barack is known for his eloquent speaking abilities, as well as his charismatic persona that has the power to pull in even his staunchest political foes. No one can doubt Obama’s nobility with a straight face, making him the perfect person to speak at McCain’s funeral.

What people didn’t expect, however, was for Obama’s eulogy to be a rebuke of Donald Trump. Obama said this about Trump Saturday morning:

“He had an ability to see past differences in search for common ground. [And] for all of our differences. For all of the times we sparked. I never tried to hide … the longstanding admiration I had for him.”