Trump Continues Crazy Saturday Morning Twitter Rant From His Virginia Golf Course


Mr. Trump tries to avoid the truth over and over again, but so far it is doing him no good. As hard as he tries to deflect everything on to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, one cannot avoid the evidence. The president of the United States is becoming even more scared at this point because his impeachment is inevitable.

This must be why Trump was wide awake on Saturday morning spewing utter nonsense on Twitter again. Trump posted a quote from conservative commentator Dan Bongino on Twitter calling the Steele dossier “fake” and making the bizarre claim that “Donald Trump’s 4th Amendment right to privacy was signed away.”

Twitter quickly pounced on Trump:

Although Trump has called the Russia investigation a “witch hunt,” so far as of mid July, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his legal team have either indicted or gotten guilty pleas from 32 people and three companies. Most recently, former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen can be added to the list of those who have been found guilty.

Both Manafort and Cohen have essentially flipped on Mr. Trump and there is much undeniable evidence that the president committed felony acts and people are just waiting to see how the whole mess unfolds, hopefully leading to Trump’s impeachment.

In the meantime, Democrats are gearing up for a blue wave with a high probability that they will regain control of the U.S. House, and are hopeful to gain some Senate seats as well.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube