W.H. Announces Trump’s Infuriating Saturday Plans During John McCain’s Funeral


John McCain’s funeral is being held Saturday morning at the nation’s capital, and even Jared and Ivanka are in attendance. Mike Pence just delivered a speech in which he mentioned the president, and was met with a glaring reaction from McCain’s daughter, Meghan.

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One person who is noticeably absent from the ceremony is the president, who was asked not to attend. Trump was also disinvited from attending Barbara Bush’s funeral, a clear indicator that, while Republicans are not willing to throw Trump out of his accidental government position, they certainly do not want him attending personal and meaningful events in their lives, even when basically every other American politician is there.

Trump spent his morning ranting on Twitter, like usual; then came an announcement that has many people angry. As president Obama was speaking at McCain’s funeral, the White House revealed that Trump was traveling to his golf resort in Virginia.

According to Yahoo Sports:

“US President Donald Trump on Saturday went to one of his golf courses as the final public ceremony honoring late US senator John McCain was under way in Washington.”

“The president’s motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Loudoun County, Virginia around 11:16am (1516 GMT) while eulogies to McCain were being delivered at his funeral at Washington’s National Cathedral.”

Even though Trump wasn’t in attendance, he was a focal point of conversation for many, including McCain’s daughter, Meghan, who delivered a speech that was clearly aimed at the president. McCain said, “the America of John McCain has no need to be made great again, because America was always great,” while calling out the “rhetoric” of men whole cannot compare to her father.

Yahoo sports continues:

“McCain was one of Trump’s sharpest critics, and made clear in one of his final wishes as he struggled with brain cancer that he did not want the president to attend his funeral. Trump waited several days after McCain’s death to praise him directly and belatedly lowered flags to half-staff across the country only after bowing to pressure.”

“The roots of their feud go back to when Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in June 2015, suggesting that many Mexican immigrants were criminals and “rapists.” McCain denounced him for using language that “fired up the crazies,” while Trump said McCain was a “dummy” who had barely managed to graduate from the US Naval Academy. He went on to attack McCain’s service in the military, saying of the onetime prisoner of war: “I like people that weren’t captured.”