James Comey Just Burned Trump For Being A ‘Second-Rate’ Clown Ruining The Country


Donald Trump has spent this Labor Day on Twitter whining and crying about how unfair it is that Republicans are being charged for their crimes. He must see the writing on the wall and know that’s he’s going down pretty soon himself. One of his tweets was an attack on Jeff Sessions for actually upholding the law, and you can tell that Trump is pissed off about it. Not to be outdone, James Comey responded to Trump in epic fashion and used a well-written quote to do it.

After Trump’s crybaby tweet Comey responded to the petulant leader and called him a “second rate man” who’s causing the decline of our country.

Once Trump has someone explain Comey’s tweet to him it’s almost certain that he’ll have some ignorant rebuttal, but even with an explanation it still may take him some time to fathom what it means. Why can’t the United States have a well-educated, adult president to lead this country? Why are we saddled with the likes of Donald Trump who couldn’t even lead himself out of a wet paper bag?

Hopefully his childish antics will start getting on the nerves of his loyal followers soon enough, then maybe they’ll be able to see that Trump, and the Republican party in general, are not the party of law and order. Until then we’re going to continue to be embarrassed daily on the world stage by a man who acts like a 7th grade bully.

It’s nice that Comey showed Trump up today. Comey used to head one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the world and you can tell that he still strongly believes in the rule of law. It’s too bad that Donald Trump thinks that all Republicans are above the law. His attitude truly has been leading to the decline of this once great nation.

Check out what the Twitterverse had to say about Comey’s take down.

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