Lazy Melania Tweets A Single Hashtag For Labor Day & Gets Eaten Alive Immediately


When First Lady Melania Trump went to the hospital  earlier this year, some believed that the procedure she was having was to remove her husband from her life. He has continually heaped disrespect and humiliation upon her with his cheesy affairs with a porn star and a Playboy playmate. Still, she remains in the White House in some proximity to Donald Trump, but it is as if she was his mirror opposite.

She wished her adopted country a “Happy Labor Day” and resent a link to the official White House’s Labor Day wish. Both were simple and carried a more genuine message than Donald Trump’s Labor Day tweets.

Trump took this opportunity to try to insult the another president, the leader of the powerful AFL-CIO union, Richard Trumka. POTUS tweeted that the other man “represented his union poorly on television.” Then, the bully-in-chief blasted the union president again, in direct opposition to his wife’s anti-bullying campaign. He tweeted:

‘Some of the things he said were so against the working men and women of our country, and the success of the U.S. itself, that it is easy to see why unions are doing so poorly. A Dem!’

Mrs. Trump has led a quiet, almost secretive life. Apparently, she never signed on to be the first lady, but she has appeared thus far, to be making the best of a bad situation. Surely, she could not be the liar-in-chief her husband has been in the past year and a half of his presidency. He hit the American workers with a blatant lie right in the middle of his well wishes.

Trump said that workers are “doing better than ever before.” Of course, this was not true. In fact, over the past 40 years, workers have seen their wages and purchasing power stagnant then begin a downward reversal. The Republican Trickle Down theory of economics has always been a fraud.

Trump’s tax law sent billions to the wealthiest people in this nation and big business. Rather than give people sustaining wage increases, these corporations have sent profits to their shareholders. The stock market’s outsized increases have been due directly  to Trump’s tax giveaway of $1.7 billion – which he had to borrow.

Melania Trump’s wish for the day was a mere statement of good wishes, a gift to the people. Trump’s was another opportunity for him to pat himself on the back again and again and again over so-called “unemployment setting record lows” and his fixing “the worst Trade Deals ever made by any country.”

The public has little insight into what goes on between this high-profile husband and wife. She has not given the impression of being a wilting lily. Instead, she has swatted her husband’s hand aside in more than one news video. Apparently, she has not been willing to live a lie that theirs is a happy marriage.

The shy former model once told Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ) that she wanted to be “traditional” like Jackie Kennedy. As far as her causes, she said she was already:

‘(Involved with) many, many charities. Many different charities involving children, involving many different diseases.’

Husband and wife are day and night. Twitter world got excited over Mrs. Trump’s tweet to the nation. Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.