Trump Flies Into Twitter Rage Against The Media After Seeing A Story He Didn’t Like


Mr. Trump is still going strong on Twitter, continuing his attempts to discredit Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation and discredit the media’s reporting. It makes one wonder if he is watching too much Fox News these days. On Monday afternoon, Trump went on Twitter blasting The New York Times again and calling the Russia probe a “rigged witch hunt” for what seems like the thousandth time.

What Mr. Trump is referencing is a Times article which documents the FBI’s unsuccessful attempts to turn Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska into an informant against Putin’s ruling coven.

Much to Trump’s delusion, he apparently thought that whatever Trump-supporting commentator he saw on TV defending him was a great source of reliable information. The commentator made mention that the investigation into Russian oligarchs preceded the declaration of his candidacy which according to the president, proves that there was no Russian interference or collusion between the Trump campaign and agents before the 2016 election.

The article however is anything but favorable to Trump. Matthew Rosenberg, the author from The Times who wrote the article, quickly clarified things for Mr. Trump, saying:

‘It’s nice to be quoted by the president, but he’s dropped a crucial part of what I said: By the fall of 2016, the outreach to Deripaska did turn to Russia’s possible aid to the Trump campaign. FBI agents specifically asked Deripaska if Manafort was campaign’s link to the Kremlin.’

Rosenberg continued with another tweet to clarify that “outreach only turned to Trump after a separate FBI investigation was underway.”

Rosenberg wrote:

‘It was not only the F.B.I. that was concerned about Russian interference in the final months of the campaign. American spy agencies were sounding an alarm after months of intelligence reports about contacts between Trump associates and Russians, and Moscow’s hacking of Democratic Party emails. (American intelligence agencies would later conclude that the interference was real and that Russia had acted to boost Mr. Trump’s candidacy.)’

Rosenberg also reported:

‘F.B.I. agents would later meet with Mr. Steele to discuss his work. But former senior officials from the bureau and the Justice Department have said that the investigation into ties between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russia was well underway by the time they got the dossier.

‘Nonetheless, Mr. Trump and his allies have seized on the fact that Mr. Ohr and Mr. Steele were in touch about elements of the dossier to attack the investigation into Russian election interference as a “rigged witch hunt.”’

Twitter had plenty to say to Trump:

At this point in time, if Mr. Trump can find anything to take and twist in attempts to make himself look good, he will do it. There is nothing Trump can do at this point in time to make Mueller or the FBI believe otherwise. There was without a doubt collusion with Russia, and it is already known that he is a felony-committing criminal.

His cronies are ratting him out one by one and he is just a pathetic and desperate man grasping for straws.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube