New York Times Reports Breaking Mueller News That Has Trump’s Head Spinning


Donald Trump is absolutely terrified of Robert Mueller and the investigation he’s running. Trump knows that Russia attacked our country, in fact he was working with them, so he’s scared that his treason will become more public after Mueller gets done with him. So far, Trump has refused to sit down for an interview with the man running the Russia investigation, probably because he knows that he’d perjure himself. Well the New York Times reported today that Mueller would accept some of Trump’s answers in written format.

They reported that Mueller sent a letter to Trump’s legal team late last week saying he would accept some of Trump’s responses in writing, but that they wouldn’t require him to write about any obstruction of justice allegations because of his executive privilege. That made Trump’s legal team think that any sit-down interview would be more limited in scope than originally planned.

Trump was probably really excited that he could have someone write his answers down for him instead of answering them out loud himself. He has to know that if he were required to sit before an investigator like Mueller he couldn’t help but lie to him. He has a lot of crimes to cover up. After all, if he told the truth he’d go down in flames.

Plus, Trump just has a very hard time telling the truth anyway. In fact, he lies to the American people on average of 19 times every single day. He couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. Now we get to sit and wait to see if Trump’s handlers will agree to him answering the written questions.

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