Trump Goes Berserk Over Brett Kavanaugh During Tuesday Night Twitter Breakdown


Donald Trump is seriously scared about his future. We know that because the more scared he gets, the more he posts attack messages on Twitter. One his posts today was a direct attack on Democrats because they rightly have a lot of concern over Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. He called the “other side” mean, angry and despicable and accused us of saying anything. That’s the pot calling the kettle black. It sounds like he’s describing himself right there.

Trump picked far-right extremist jurist Brett Kavanaugh, who will use the bible and his own personal morals to tell the rest of us how to live. If confirmed Kavanaugh could spend the next 30 or so years taking away people’s civil rights.

He’s against abortion, has a problem with contraception, gay rights, the environment, and get this…he thinks Republican presidents should have even more power than they already do. He would also most likely rule that Trump is above the law if he gets the chance. In essence, the reason Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is because he wants a friendly judge in his corner if or when he gets impeached and has to sue over it.

The founding fathers specifically said that this country should make no laws based on religion, and Trump is crapping all over what they wanted. The Democrats are trying to protect us from the likes of Brett Kavanaugh, and Trump is pissed about it. He’s attacking the Democrats because they’d like to make sure we get a justice who wants what’s best for this country. Trump is hiding thousands of Kavanaugh’s documents that we have the right to see, so Trump must know something really bad about his nominee. Instead of finding a justice who wants to fight for the rule of law, Trump is doing an end-around that could negatively impact this country for the rest of our lives.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube