Trump Goes Off On Late-Night Bob Woodward Rant Like A Guy Who Knows He’s Guilty


Donald Trump thinks that anyone who doesn’t see things his way is working for the “other side.” He’s so intent on destroying this nation that he can’t even fathom that the “other side” are Americans too. His hatred for over half of this country’s citizens is disgusting.

Today on Twitter Trump attacked one of this nation’s finest journalists, Bob Woodward, and called him a “Dem operative.”

Trump is pissed about Woodward’s new book that is set to be released next week. He’s seen the excerpts that say that the book offers a damning account of Trump’s presidency and describes fiery insults from Trump about his close aides and an administration in the middle of a “nervous breakdown.” Woodward said that he tried to contact Trump for an interview but he never heard back from the people he contacted in his administration.

The Washington Post released audio of Trump and Woodward discussing the book and the reporting process in a recent phone call. Trump told Woodward that he was never made aware of the requests. In the recording of the call, Trump praised Woodward’s past reporting, saying that he thinks Woodward has always been fair.


Apparently, Trump did a 180 on his assessment of Woodward after reading excerpts from his book and now he thinks that Woodward is a Dem operative. Trump’s so wishy-washy that if Woodward praised him in his next book he’d probably buy a few thousand copies to hand out to his followers.

For the record, Bob Woodward is an outstanding, fair journalist and made a big name for himself for his excellent reporting of another scandal-plagued presidential administration…that of Richard Nixon. Who knows? Maybe Woodward will be instrumental in reporting on another impeached president very soon.

Check out what the Twitterverse thought of Trump’s idiotic post today.


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