Trump Goes Off On NBC After Watching His Morning Programs Like A Twitter Psycho


Donald Trump has a long history of making a complete fool of himself on Twitter, and no matter how hard his staffers and “loved ones” try, they simply cannot keep the president of the United States from tweeting the most asinine of social media posts. Since Trump became president, he has railed against major media outlets like CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, and NBC. Before he became president, he enjoyed their coverage of him so much that he even called in story ideas they could write about him.

This morning is no different. Trump just went on the attack, and why he targeted NBC this morning is something only the feeble commander in chief knows. Trump tweeted the following moments ago:

Look at their license? Who does he thin he is? He honestly believes he is royalty ruling over the nation like some petulant fat king who does nothing for his people, just collects wives and mistresses and hoards his wealth.

You can believe that if Trump could divert social security into his own bank account, millions would have already died from the devastating outcome. Trump, however, would continue to sit high in his ivory tower, looking down on the uneducated masses ignorant enough to keep him in office because they are bored with reality television.

The internet wasn’t too pleased with Trump’s tweet either, and we saved the best responses for you below: