Trump Orders Pentagon To Assassinate Entire Syrian Government – America Revolts: report


This is not something you read about every day. Yes, the president has so many flaws that it’s practically impossible to keep up with the daily influx of unethical and downright criminal behavior coming out of the White House. Reports come out in the press almost hourly, headlining a new scandalous claim against the president in what Trump calls “fake news.” This simply cannot be, however, and the notion that the entire media world has suddenly turned crooked because they don’t like the current president is the most ridiculous thing anyone with a logical mind could think of.

In comes Bob Woodward’s new book. This Tuesday bombshell has hit news circuits by storm, and it’s not hard to see why people are so interested. The claims Woodward makes about the president are some of the most outrageous things you could imagine a sitting president doing.

(Firstly, Bob Woodward is a respected 75-year old investigative journalist who has worked for Washington Post for decades.)

Once such claim that has the White House on eggshells this morning is one about Trump’s demand for the mass extermination of an entire foreign government and many of its civilians. The Washington Post explains:

“Woodward writes that his book is drawn from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand participants and witnesses that were conducted on “deep background,” meaning the information could be used but he would not reveal who provided it. His account is also drawn from meeting notes, personal diaries and government documents.”

Now comes the disturbing part. According to The Post, Woodward recalls a conversation that Trump had with General Mattis in which he said he wanted to assassinate Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad for dropping chemical bombs on his people.

Trump’s dangerous outbursts were apparently “stymied” by “Trump traditionalists” who felt that the president might go too far in his blind hatred and willful ignorance. The report continues:

“With Trump’s rage and defiance impossible to contain, Cabinet members and other senior officials learned to act discreetly. Woodward describes an alliance among Trump’s traditionalists — including Mattis and Gary Cohn, the president’s former top economic adviser — to stymie what they considered dangerous acts.”

 ““It felt like we were walking along the edge of the cliff perpetually,” Porter is quoted as saying. “Other times, we would fall over the edge, and an action would be taken. After Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical attack on civilians in April 2017, Trump called Mattis and said he wanted to assassinate the dictator. “Let’s fucking kill him! Let’s go in. Let’s kill the fucking lot of them,” Trump said, according to Woodward.”