WaPo Releases Audio Recording Of Trump’s Bizarre Phone Call To Bob Woodward


Mr. Trump’s criminal antics have been exposed from all angles in recent days, and even the fact that his former buddies -personal attorney Michael Cohen and former campaign manager Paul Manafort – have thrown him under the bus is not the end of it. The president has even ramped up his Twitter tantrums in hopes of gaining sympathy, but not everyone is buying his “fake news.”

On Tuesday, The Washington Post nailed Trump by releasing an audio recording and publishing a transcript of a phone conversation he had with journalist Bob Woodward. Trump called Woodward after a manuscript of his book had been completed.

Webp.net-resizeimage31 WaPo Releases Audio Recording Of Trump's Bizarre Phone Call To Bob Woodward Donald Trump Economy Media Social Media Top Stories Videos Here is the recording:

Several times throughout the call, Trump claims that he had no idea Woodward had been seeking an interview with him. Trump said:

‘Well, I just spoke with Kellyanne [Conway] and she asked me if I got a call. I never got a call. I never got a message. Who did you ask about speaking to me?’


Woodward responds with:

‘Well, about six people.’

Trump then replies back:

‘They don’t tell me.’

Trump tells Woodward:

‘Well, I assume that means it’s going to be a negative book. But you know, I’m some — I’m sort of 50 percent used to that. [Laughter] That’s all right. Some are good and some are bad. Sounds like this is going to be a bad one.’

Woodward’s describes his new book “Fear: Trump in the White House” to Trump as “a tough look at the world and your administration and you.”

The president later goes on to say:

‘It’s really too bad, because nobody told me about it, and I would’ve loved to have spoken to you. You know I’m very open to you. I think you’ve always been fair. We’ll see what happens. But all I can say is the country is doing very well.’

He then continues to gloat about the economy and the unemployment rate, trying to paint a picture that no other president or administration in office would have kept things going the way he has or have done as well as Trump.

Woodward lets Trump know that his assistant, Evelyn Duffy transcribed hundreds of hours of tapes of him interviewing people. Woodward says (to Duffy who was on the phone):

‘And I think there’s nothing in this book that doesn’t come from a firsthand source. Is that correct, Evelyn?’

Mr. Trump questions Woodward about whether he is identifying the sources by name or just saying that the information is from sources. Woodward says:

‘I say, at 2:00 on this day, the following happened, and everyone who’s there, including yourself, is quoted. And I’m sorry I didn’t get to ask you about these . ..’

Trump interrupts, and says in a desperate attempt to make himself look good:

‘I mean, you do know I’m doing a great job for the country. You do know that NATO now is going to pay billions and billions of dollars more, as an example, than anybody thought possible, that other presidents were unable to get more? And it was heading downward. You do know all of the things I’ve done and things that I’m doing? I’m in the process of making some of the greatest trade deals ever to be made. You do understand that stuff? I mean, I hope.’

Trump puts White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on the phone during the interview trying to verify that Bob Woodward contacted her. Woodward says:

‘Hi. Remember two and a half months ago you came over and I laid out, I wanted to talk to the president? And you said you would get back to me?’

Conway answers:

 ‘I do. And I put in the request. But you know, they — it was rejected. I can only take it so far. I guess I can bring it right to the president next time.’

The bulk of Woodward’s bizarre phone call with Mr. Trump was ridiculously spent with Trump trying to clarify who Woodward spoke with and how many people he interviewed, and the president continuing to be puzzled about why an interview never happened.

Trump again used the phone call as opportunity to brag about himself and the economy, saying:

‘It doesn’t matter. Let me tell you what matters: The economy is the best it’s been in many, many decades. And it’s going to get a lot better. And the country is doing very well. That’s what’s important.’


It sounds like Woodward did his diligent research, and the only thing Trump’s phone call accomplished was providing further proof that the president’s insecurities are beginning to smother him.

Here are just a few comments from Twitter:

Webp.net-resizeimage32 WaPo Releases Audio Recording Of Trump's Bizarre Phone Call To Bob Woodward Donald Trump Economy Media Social Media Top Stories Videos


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