BREAKING: Trump Responds To Anonymous Op-Ed Like A Man On The Brink Of Insanity


On Wednesday, a bombshell of unprecedented size hit the Trump administration and Trump’s first response took just minutes to catch. While The New York Times has never published an anonymous op-ed, much less one from a senior administration official, they did just that and the accusations and confessions it revealed are simply jaw-dropping.

The anonymous official referred to Trump as “petty, ineffective, amoral,” and admitted that a group of “grown-ups” in the White House have vowed to undermine Trump and get effective policy passed while he rants and spins conspiracy theories and division.

Trump, speaking in front of a group of police officers, responded to the news with yet another nonsensical, lie-filled rant. He insisted that whomever wrote the article is someone who is probably “failing” just as The New York Times is while at the same time insisting that the long-trusted news organization is probably making up the whole thing.

He doesn’t get it both ways, though.

He also repeated a blatant lie that he’s told since shortly after he was elected: that The New York Times apologized for their negative coverage of him during the campaigns. No such apology was ever printed. The news outlet did admit to having underestimated his chances of winning and of not taking his campaign seriously enough.

They never, not once, said their reporting was inaccurate or apologized. That’s simply more “fake news” from the president who likes to yell “fake news” at everything he doesn’t like.

Trump’s response will surely not end there. There will inevitably be more tweets, accusations, conspiracy theories, and firings.Time to stock up on the popcorn.

Twitter responded in full force the Trump’s rant. See some of their comments below:

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