Possible Evidence Mike Pence Is The ‘Inside Resister’ Released & Trump Is Tantruming


Oh, what a tangled web the corrupt Trump administration has woven. To get elected, Trump jumped in bed with the Russians and, in essence, turned his back on America. He’s kept his back turned on us from the very beginning and thinks he can get away with it, but an anonymous source from inside the White House wrote an op-ed to the New York Times today, and it appears that there are many within Trump’s realm who want to get rid of him. It’s caused quite the stir in the nation today. Everyone wants to know who wrote it, and many are saying that it was Mike Pence who did it.

Pence, who is the ultimate Washington insider, could very well be the author of the now infamous op-ed. The author of the op-ed used the word “lodestar”, and¬†Panoply audio producer Dan Bloom pointed out that lodestar is a word that Pence has used a lot in the past, unlike the other folks who work for Trump’s corrupt administration.










But Dan Bloom isn’t the only person who thinks Pence wrote it — MSNBC and CNN both have hinted that it could be Pence. David Mack on Twitter posted a video of Pence repeatedly using the word “lodestar”.

Bloomberg pointed out that the author of the op-ed talked about invoking the 25th amendment and that it would take the cooperation of the Vice President to do that.

‘The amendment requires vice-presidential participation if it is invoked within the White House. And if Pence is involved with the group the Times columnist describes, well, the plot thickens.’

So, they could be onto something there, but one thing many people are taking into consideration is that the New York Times said that if the author’s identity became known that the person’s job would be in jeopardy. Since Trump can’t fire Pence, if he were the author and it became public knowledge, it doesn’t seem like there would be a whole lot Trump could do to put his job in jeopardy.

One thing is certain though…this is the biggest mystery going since the summer everyone was wondering who shot J.R.

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