Triggered Trump Snaps & Tweets Wednesday Night NY Times Freakout To America


Today’s news that an anonymous source inside the White House submitted a scathing op-ed to the New York Times about Donald Trump has caused quite the stir. Trump is out of his mind with worry about who could have written it, and whether or not he’ll be able to hold on to the presidency for much longer. He’s appeared on TV sweaty and out of sorts, and he keeps posting wild tweets about the op-ed. He just posted another tweet wondering if the White Official is real, or if maybe the NY Times is using a phony source, and saying if they’re real they must be turned over to the government.

It’s pretty ironic that he thinks someone telling the truth about how things are going in the White House is a national security threat, considering Trump himself is accused of colluding with Russia to get elected. Donald Trump is the most dangerous national security threat this nation has ever seen, not the anonymous source who wrote the op-ed. Trump is asking to have them turned over to the government, but is he going to start acting like his favorite mentor, Russia, and “disappear” the source once he finds him or her? Only time will tell.

Some people think that Mike Pence is the anonymous source while others think it’s someone high up in the defense department. One thing is sure though — heads are going to start rolling in the Trump administration because Trump is so unstable that he’ll get rid of almost everyone just to root out the one person he thinks is disloyal to him.

His paranoia is already starting to get to him in a very public way. Every time he’s done something in the public eye today it’s been in a discombobulated way. It’s like he doesn’t know which way is up. The anonymous source has done a great job making Trump look like he’s unfit to be the president of this once great nation.


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