Trump Jr. Compares His Father To Kaepernick On Twitter…Gets Eaten Alive (TWEETS)


Despite dire and outraged warnings from the president on Twitter, or better yet because of those warnings, Nike earned $43 million dollars in free advertising for their latest ad campaign. Thanks, Trump.

Now, Trump’s son is hitting back at the failure of his father’s campaign to shut up about anything with an ad of his own, a fake Nike ad featuring Donald Trump, Sr. instead of Colin Kaepernick.


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There, fixed it for you. #maga

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Needless to say, there is no comparison between the two men. According to Trump, Jr., however, his father has “sacrificed everything,” so he believes a comparison is in order.

Donald Trump has given up no wealth and still lives his weekend-golfing, vacation-home-. He made a show of signing his businesses over to his children, but his and his family’s violations of the Emoluments Clause has him earning a profit there, anyway. Kaepernick put himself on the line for his beliefs and has been shut out of the NFL, a league only 1.6 percent of all college football players make it to.


Speaking of beliefs, Trump “sacrificed everything” for his belief in building ineffective border walls with taxpayer dollars instead of making Mexico pay for it, separating small children from their parents at the border and detaining them in centers, cutting taxes by the billions for the top one percent, and misleading the American public to do it all.

Kaepernick sacrificed his career for his belief that people of all races should be able to stay alive during interactions with those pledged to protect and serve them.

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Trump says avoiding taxes makes you “smart” and that “the beauty of” him is that he’s “very rich.” Kaepernick wins awards for his charity work. Trump uses his wealth to pay off porn stars. Kaepernick donates his to children’s programs and outreach groups. Trump made a name for himself by refusing to tell the truth. Kaepernick made a name for himself by refusing to be silenced.

There’s no comparison.

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