BREAKING: Active Shooter Hits Busy Metropolis – Victims Scattered Through The Streets


Reports of multiple people shot and a gunman on the loose has people in Cincinnati, Ohio hiding anywhere they can. The first calls came over dispatch radios around 9:15am. According to WKYC, “Multiple people have been shot in what dispatch called an “active shooter” situation in Downtown Cincinnati at the Fountain Square Fifth Third bank location.”

The report continues:

“The scene was announced as secure at about 9:15 a.m., but there are multiple victims in the area of 511 Walnut Street. One victim was located at 5th and Walnut streets, according to police. Another victim was located inside the nearby Graeter’s ice cream shop.”

Witness Leonard Cane told the news outlet that someone alerted him to the shooter’s presence and he stopped walking towards the bank the shooter ended up in. That’s when a woman walked towards the building with headphones on. She was unable to hear the cries of bystanders. She walked and and was immediately shot.

The report continues:

“Civilians are hiding in a bathroom inside the bank, and police are attempting to control the perimeter of the scene. ‘Fountain Square and the surrounding area will be closed to foot traffic,’ police said.”

More videos from the scene are flooding Twitter as we speak. Here are a few of them below:

UPDATE AS OF 7:10AM PST: The shooter has been taken peacefully and is in police custody.