Cory Booker Goes Full Rebel On Senate Rules, Releases Confidential Kavanaugh Docs


Cory Booker is fed up with the dirty tactics coming from Senate Republicans in their ridiculous attempts to get Brett Kavanaugh sworn in before anything too damaging is revealed to the public. Senate Democrats have been taking a stand against these extremely shady games since the beginning of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing two days ago.

Examples of that fight can be seen below:

Now, Cory Booker is fighting Republicans at their own games. After threatening to release confidential records regarding Kavanaugh’s views on race, Booker made good on his promise.

Booker said:

“I am right now, before your process is finished, I am going to release the email about racial profiling, and I understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate.”

Check out that threat below:

Kavanaugh says in a 2001 email:

“The fundamental problem in this case is that these DOT regulations use a lot of legalisms and disguises to mask what in reality is a naked racial set-aside.”

“I think the testimony needs to make clear that any program targeting Native Hawaiians as a group is subject to strict scrutiny and of questionable validity under the constitution.”

Booker’s fellow Senate Dems quickly backed him, including Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono, who said this following Booker’s reveal:

“These are the docs Rs don’t want you to see—because they show that Judge Kavanaugh wrongly believes that Native Hawaiian programs are Constitutionally questionable. I defy anyone reading this to be able to conclude that it should be deemed confidential in any way, shape, or form.”

Those documents just went viral fast. We embedded them for you below:

Booker Confidential – Kavanaugh Hearing by Senator Cory Booker on Scribd