Insiders Just Revealed Jared & Ivanka Are Accusing A W.H. Employee Of Writing The Op-Ed


As the campaign to solve the mystery of the anonymous op-ed printed in The New York Times plays out, Trump is said to be “punch drunk,” “rip sh*t,” and “hit so hard.” Insiders say that Trump has been insisting that the only people he can trust is his family, and two members of his family believe they’ve already figured it out.

According to Vanity Fair:

‘With Trump so far unable to execute a strategy to stanch the drip-drip-drip of damaging disclosures, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have taken the lead in getting control of the crisis. (The Washington Post reported that Trump said the only people he could trust were his family.) Earlier this week, they told Trump they were deeply troubled by the accounts in Woodward’s book and blamed Chief of Staff John Kelly for many of the leaks, an outside adviser close to them told me. “‘He’s destroying your presidency,’” Ivanka told her father, the outside adviser, who was briefed on the conversation, said. Their hunt for the author of the Times op-ed may bring them into the final chapter of their long-running feud with Kelly.’

Their theory fingers Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly’s deputy chief of staff, Zachary Fuentes. The upcoming release of Bob Woodward’s new book Fear: Trump in the White House includes numerous quotes from Kelly referring to the president as “an idiot.” Its likely this is the evidence that Jared and Ivanka could be using as backup for their theory, although there is also a history of the chief of staff showing distaste for the presence of the president’s daughter and son-in-law in the White House well before Woodward’s book was penned.

The theory that Kelly may have gone rogue and be working independently of Trump also aligns with leaks from former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who released tapes recorded inside the situation room when Kelly informed her that she was being fired. On that tape, Kelly can be heard telling Omarosa, “the staff and everyone on the staff works for me, not the President.”

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