JUST IN: Jared Kushner Gets Locked Out Of Govt. Meeting & Ambushed By Reporters


Jared Kushner has done his best to keep his face hidden throughout most of his father-in-law’s criminal presidency, and the deeper the whole Trump digs for himself, the more Jared and his wife Ivanka distance themselves. Perhaps they are the only people in the immediate family with half a mind; maybe they are the only ones to realize the implications of what they are up against for following whatever cockamamy plan The Donald comes up with to keep their family “on top.”

Friday morning saw some pretty great action out of Kushner, however, as he waited for minutes to be let into the building where the Office of the United States Trade Representative is located. Inside, a meeting on trade was being held.

Kushner likely expected to be escorted straight into the building, but instead was left to stand at the locked door, pretending he didn’t hear the barrage of questions coming at him from all directions.

The obviously uncomfortable Kushner was asked by one reporter:

“Do you have any idea who wrote the op-ed? Are you concerned about it?”

Kushner stayed quiet, saying nothing, as he’s been trained. His painted-on smile replicates his wife’s, making them the saddest part of the Trump family. Even Twitter users had a field day with this one. Check out the responses to that tweet below: