Trump Rally Goer Mocks Donald Behind His Back During Speech & Gets Thrown Out


This week, President Donald Trump again took to the campaign trail, although yes, he has a country to “lead.” He stopped in Montana, where Republican Matt Rosendale is taking on one of the many Democrats Trump has made an enemy of, incumbent U.S. Senator — and Democrat — Jon Tester. During his Thursday night remarks, he turned a lot of heads — including, quite literally, a guy standing right behind him for some of his speech. The unidentified “plaid shirt guy” very visibly reacted to some of the most over the top parts of the president’s remarks — and was eventually asked to leave.

That, however, did not come before enough footage of his obvious feelings about the president’s remarks could be captured to turn him viral.

Among the memorable moments was one when Trump quipped that he had “picked up a lot of support.”

The “plaid shirt guy” very clearly mouthed:

‘Have you?’

In reality, the president has failed to pick up a “lot of support” — in other words, the unidentified rally goer’s reaction is on point.

In fact, a few polls recently have shown the president’s approval rating back down to the mid to upper 30s, with around two months to go until the midterm elections. No matter how often Trump wants to contest the poll numbers — and contest he does, furthering his quixotic anti-fake news crusade at every opportunity — the facts are the facts (no matter what Rudy Giuliani says). If the present numbers persist — and there’s certainly no indication that Trump is about to find large numbers of new supporters — Democrats are well on their way to picking up dozens of U.S. House seats this November, and the U.S. Senate remains in play too.

Trump, though, prefers to just keep ranting.

During one rabbit trail Thursday night about the supposed economic utopia Trump has enacted, the plaid shirt guy just laughed.

Trump exclaimed:

‘Our country is thriving, jobs are booming, prosperity is soaring, and the future has never looked brighter for the USA.’

Plaid Shirt Guy couldn’t believe what he was hearing — and, as mentioned, eventually he got seemingly asked to leave. An unidentified formally dressed person came up to him, said a few words, and escorted him off the stage.

Trump, meanwhile, rambled on and on and on. He claimed — among many other things — that it would be his supporters’ own fault if he got impeached, since it would mean — apparently — that they didn’t turn out to vote in high enough numbers to keep Trump-friendly Republicans in Congress. He claimed that the Space Force — his proposed new branch of the U.S. Armed Forces — is incredibly important (for reasons unknown). He even sought to argue against those who claim that he’s mentally unhinged by pointing out that he’s able to give an around hour-long rally speech without notes — as if endless angry ranting is the mark of a stable person.

He’s continuing, for now, with his agenda, peppering it with endless lies, like his Thursday night flat-out falsehood that Rosendale is leading in the polls. Plaid shirt guy’s supporters, however, keep preparing for the midterms.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot