Disgusting Trumper Wipes Her Nose With American Flag On T.V. & No One’s Outraged


You know, Trumpublicans love their flag. They love it so much they’ve put it on t-shirts, bandannas, bikinis, underwear, cups, water bottles, and their vehicles, and now they’re using it to wipe their noses. Look out Kleenex. The American flag is your next big competitor.

A woman attending a Trump rally was caught on video wiping her nose with the American flag. No joke. She WIPED BOOGERS on the American flag, and Republicans aren’t even outraged!

Now, when you want some fine entertainment, all you have to do is look at the major super fans behind Trump. They are prime seats, and it is a prime way to show just how enthusiastic Trump supporters are.

The problem, however, with being sat behind the president is you are definitely within camera view, which means your face is going to be plastered on all forms of media, which means when you wipe your nose with the American flag, you’re doing it on live television and live streams on social media.

Now, you would expect Trumpers to have the utmost respect for that wonderful red, white, and blue. Right? I mean they are the ones crying over a Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, the football player who famously kneeled during the national anthem to protest the treatment of black men and women by police and basically lost his job over it. How dare the black guy kneel during the national anthem even though it’s probably one of the more respectful ways to execute his First Amendment right.

To show their undying support and love for the flag, they have gone so far as to cut the Nike logo out of their socks, burn their Nike shoes, and swear off the entire brand (except for the brands they don’t realize Nike owns). That’s dedication. Nike products are expensive.

Basic manners call for NOT picking your nose in large crowds of people. Basic manners also call for refraining from doing it while on live television too. Good hygiene calls for NOT picking your nose EVER.

Let’s play it fair, guys. Either the flag is this reverent symbol of freedom that we shouldn’t protest against and wear around our necks to wipe our SNOT with or the flag is a symbol for a country that was built on the foundation of freedom of speech. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t respect something and snot all over it too.

Keep it classy America.

Featured image via YouTube.