Hot Shot Democrat Touts Kaepernick Shirt & Slams Trump For Not Knowing Anthem Lyrics


It’s that time of year again folks. You know, the time of year where Republicans put their false patriotism on full display for all to see. They just love to attack NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, and they really don’t like it when NFL fans defend the players right to do it. That’s what Democrat Mandela Barnes, who is running to be Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor, is dealing with right now. After Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker posted an ignorant tweet, Barnes responded with one of his own accusing Donald Trump of not knowing the words to the anthem and in another he was wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey.

Barnes also told Walker to make sure a tag him next time and let him know that if he’s so patriotic why didn’t he serve his country by joining the military during his lifetime.

Barnes comments came after Walker tweeted several times Thursday attacking the players and even Barnes’ running mate Tony Evers.

It’s unbelievable that anyone still falls for that false patriotic message from Republicans. By now anyone with even a tiny bit of common sense knows that the players are not protesting the flag or the anthem, they’re simply trying to make people aware that people of color are still suffering from police brutality. The players who kneel and the people who support them love this country way more than any Republican in this country, considering it’s the Republicans who overlook the fact that Trump is a Russian asset.

So it’s up to the left leaning people in this country to respond when right-wingers start acting with false patriotism. Good for Barnes! Hopefully Tony Evers wipes the floor with Walker in November so there can be a change of leadership in Wisconsin.


Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube