‘Plaid Shirt Guy’ Speaks Out About Being Ousted From Trump Rally Like A Boss (VIDEO)


This past week, Mr. Trump held a rally in Billings, Montana, where a guy in a plaid shirt was standing behind him. People began to notice that the guy actually seemed to be mocking the president by the displays of shock and doubt shown on his face. Eventually, the guy was identified as Tyler Linfesty who said that he was not a Trump supporter, but wanted to attend the rally to “see the President and hear what he had to say.”

When asked if he was “deliberately making faces or if that was an actual reaction,” he said:

‘I was not trying to protest. Those were just my actual honest reactions.’

Linfesty also spoke out about being told to leave the Trump rally. He explained to CNN’s Don Lemon:

‘They didn’t really tell me anything. I think I know why they removed me… before the rally, they told us, you know, “you have to be enthusiastic, you have to be clapping, you have to be cheering for Donald Trump.” And I wasn’t doing that because, you know, I wasn’t enthusiastic and I wasn’t happy with what he was saying… The woman, she came in and she just said, “I’m gonna replace you.” And I just walked off.’

Linfesty continued, saying:

‘Some Secret Service guys escorted me into this back room area, and they just sat me down for 10 minutes, looked at my ID, and just told me to leave. Very respectfully just told me to leave.’

The videos of Linfesty are quite humorous. When the president says “We have picked up a lot of support,” Linfesty can be seen saying “Have you?”

At one point, Trump goes off on one of his usual tangents and Linfesty can be seen saying “What?!”

“Plaid Shirt Guy” also made a lot of comical faces during Trump’s speech.

Well done, “Plaid Shirt Guy.”

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube