Ex-W.H. Staffer Defects & Leaks Secret Code Word Text Messages To Sunday Media


Donald Trump never should have fired Omarosa Manigault-Newman. He was attracted to her selfishness and viciousness when he first met her, so why didn’t POTUS realize that kicking her to the side of the road would be a huge mistake? Didn’t he realize that she will always get even?

Omarosa worked in the White House for a year as an aide — a liaison to the African American community. People who know Trump realize he takes advantage of people until he thinks they are no longer useful, then he abandons them — aka “You’re fired!” Apparently, he never considered the consequences of firing his former aide. He should have.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Witt, Omarosa agreed with Bob Woodward’s information in his new aptly titled book, Fear. Presidential aides did, indeed, consider implementing the 25th Amendment, which could forcibly remove the commander-in-chief.

This amendment must be instigated by the vice president, according to Business Insider. Then, over half of the presidential Cabinet must agree that the president is not fit for office.

When Trump started up with “insane” commands or went into a rage, the people who worked for him felt that they had to have a way to discuss their concerns. The way it worked, according to Omarosa, was that people used the #TFA hashtag, which stood for Twenty-Fifth Amendment, in the White House emails and texts.

Omarosa told Witt that she had over 100 text messages bearing the #TFA hashtag. She said that senior staff members used the hashtag, but so did “family members” as his behavior became more erratic or he became more incompetent. She said:

‘It’s embarrassing how much it was used. (It) happened with family members, with staffers, with people who were in the agencies.’

That would leave Vice President Pence to step into the president’s position, and Pence has always been a very ambitious man.

The former reality show host also wrote a tell-all book, Unhinged. As Witt says, these books have begun to sound alike, reinforcing each other.

Check out the video below of Witt interviewing Omarosa.

‘Omarosa: The hashtag [25th Amendment] “occurred in my text chains with family members, with staffers, with people who were in the agencies, more than a hundred times.”‘

Featured image is a screenshot via TPM Twitter account.