GOP ‘Rising Star’ Charged With Felony Election Fraud; Blue Tsunami Continues


We all know that Republicans have no problem breaking laws as long as it helps them win an election. They’re the dirtiest party this country has ever seen. Well today another Republican politician got caught cheating and this time it’s for election fraud in a race for a Kansas House seat. The Kansas City Star reported that Adam T. Thomas, who is running for the 26th District House seat, was with election perjury in Johnson County District Court.

Adam T. Thomas

Although the court documents don’t specify the allegations against Thomas, The Star reported

‘The charge filed against Thomas is a felony and alleges that on May 31 he submitted a falsified document to state or county election officials.’

The investigation was started after State Rep. Vic Miller (D) claimed that Thomas lied about where he lives in the official documents he filed when he applied to run for office. Now here’s the big kicker. Kansas’ Secretary of State is Republican Kris Kobach, who is running for Kansas governor and often speaks out against voter fraud, refused to even comment on Thomas’ arrest. Apparently Kobach would rather spend more his time disenfranchising people of color and poor people, but can’t find the time to comment when a white Republican breaks election laws.

With that thought in mind Rep. Miller told the Star

‘that the Johnson County district attorney has more political courage than apparently our secretary of state who claims to be so much against election fraud.’

Why are Republicans so hypocritical? It’s completely obvious they have no problem whatsoever breaking the law, all the while claiming they’re the party of law and order. It’s despicable and we the people need to vote all of them out of office. Republicans only care about hurting people of color, the poor, and anyone who disagrees with them. They spend their days doing that and trying to make laws that help only rich, white Americans.

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