Trump Caught Calling People ‘Dumb Southerners’ But His Fans Are Too Dumb To Care


Mr. Trump has made desperate attempts to refute the truth especially in the past couple of weeks when it seems that the president’s world is beginning to seriously crumble. Now, journalist Bob Woodward is exposing everything about Trump in his new tell-all book. Many details about Trump’s personal life are being revealed and the tantrums are coming.

One huge personal detail from Trump’s past is being brought to public attention again which concerns his divorce from his second wife Marla Maples.  In May 1997, reporter Jeane MacIntosh contacted Mr. Trump for a story about having his then-second wife return a pair of gold Lexus cars.

MacIntosh said that Trump insisted on giving her the story about how he was going to divorce Marla Maples instead. According to MacIntosh, Trump said:

 ‘I have something better for you.’

MacIntosh asked the reason for his divorce to Maples and Mr. Trump began pointing the finger at Maple’s family. Trump said:

‘Are you old enough to remember the show The Beverly Hillbillies? That’s exactly her family, except they came to New York City instead of Beverly Hills.’

MacIntosh then asked:

‘What do you mean?’

Trump responded that she was constantly surrounded “by an entourage of dumb Southerners.”

Trump and Maples divorced in 1999 after six years of marriage.

This claim was brought about by MacIntosh again in response to Mr. Trump’s more recent comments about Attorney General Jeff Sessions as recorded in Woodward’s book. Trump said:

‘This guy is mentally retarded. He’s this dumb Southerner. … He couldn’t even be a one-person country lawyer down in Alabama.’

The president denied Woodward’s claim in the book via Twitter, saying that it has “so many lies and phony sources.”

Trump lives in a constant state of denial and the irony is that in 2016, he swept the South and won states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky by huge margins over Hillary Clinton.

Twitter straightened out the confusion for Trump:

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube