Bob Woodward Just Called James Mattis & John Kelly Liars In Wild Monday AM Interview


We’ve all become aware of the metaphorical revolving door at the front of the Trump White House, with the president losing staffers — and lawyers — left and right. What’s less, clear, though, is what’s going on behind the door — which is where Bob Woodward steps in with his new book Fear.

In the face of harsh criticism from the Trump camp, he’s reiterated the truth of key points he made in the book, including that Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd concluded that the president has such an inability and unwillingness to grasp the truth that he can’t be trusted to testify in the Russia investigation.

He told Today host Savannah Guthrie:

‘Al of that happened, and what he concluded in the end is that President Trump can’t testify because he can’t tell the truth… Dowd’s conclusion in the end is that the president is an effing liar.’

As he also explained during his Today appearance and in his book, Dowd sought to walk the president through a practice testimony session that went remarkably poorly, with the president going off the rails.

Dowd eventually resigned, and the president’s current legal team, including holdover Jay Sekulow and new addition Rudy Giuliani, are struggling through continued negotiations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team over possible presidential testimony. They’re rebuffed the special counsel time and time again, and Woodward’s book comes as they continue to struggle to find their footing while Mueller continues his investigation. Fear and its implications aren’t going to go away, though, just because the president posted some angry tweets about it.

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