Racist Pig Sexually Harasses Black Cashier Then Says ‘Shut Your F*ing N*gger Ugly Mouth!’


Since Mr. Trump’s election, the ugliest remnants of racism have been brought out into the light, and violence and hate sadly continue to flourish in an environment that has been fueled with the president’s dangerous rhetoric. It is almost daily that one hears about someone racial profiling or launching into a violent against someone because of race.

Another incident happened last Thursday in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A woman in a Dollar General Store hurled racist slurs at a black cashier. In the video, the man explains that he has done nothing to the lady, but she can be heard calling him the “N-word.”

The woman yells:

‘Listen! You can put it on the internet. I don’t care!’

The woman yells vulgar words at the cashier but changes her tone at one point and thanks the cashier. Then, she launches into another racist rant. She can be heard yelling:

‘Suck my d*ck.’

The cashier says something to the person making the video, and she yells:

‘Shut your f*ing N**ger ugly mouth!’

The cashier says:

‘What did you call me?’

The woman says:

‘I didn’t say your name.’

The cashier then says something to her but his words are difficult to make out. The woman continues her derogatory rant, and can be heard saying:

‘I don’t mind it. You can suck my a**. I don’t mind it.

‘You can kiss my f*cking a**!’

After the deranged woman finishes her verbal assault, she then strangely changes her tone and sexually harasses him. She tells the cashier:

‘Black men have nice penises.’

The woman has a smirk on her face throughout the entire encounter and seems to be laughing about it. The exchange is really odd, but it is apparent that this woman has serious issues.

Here are a few comments from Twitter:

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter