Trump Takes To Twitter For Monday Night Obama Obsession Like A Jealous Loser (VIDEO)


There’s one thing we can always count on Donald Trump to do, and that’s to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. He consistently posts idiotic tweets about all of his perceived accomplishments. Take his post from today for instance — it’s a video of President Obama asking a crowd how Trump would be able to “bring all those jobs back” from overseas. He also asks what kind of magic wand he would use. Then rest of the video is filled with Trump standing on stage listing all his economy “wins” with a couple of Fox News clips thrown in for good measure.

He fails to recognize that he hasn’t brought “all those jobs back” like he promised to do. He also forgets to mention how our debt and deficit have literally exploded since his policies went into effect. It must have slipped his mind to mention the American companies who have had to move their production overseas because of his ridiculous tariffs too.

Trump is all about lying and pulling the wool over the eyes of his followers because he knows they’ll believe anything he says. Sure — we have a decent economy going right now, but it’s going to get much worse every year because of what he’s done. Insurance rates are starting to skyrocket again, people’s wages are stagnant, and the GOP controlled Congress wants to start cutting Social Security and Medicare too.

The majority of the people know Trump is doing a bad job, and his poll results prove it. Trump has been a failure as a president, just like he’s failed at so many other things.

Check out what the Twitterverse had to say about him.

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