Trump Wakes In Total Panic, Flies Into Odd Bob Woodward Tirade Like A Scared Little B*tch


Donald Trump is really losing his cool over this new Bob Woodward book, and there honestly could not have been a better time for America to use its not-so-secret weapon; a man who has already brought down a crooked American president, making him a true patriot of this nation.

Woodward is responsible for the takedown of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal, in which Woodward investigated the rumored burglary that took place at the DNC Headquarters. Together, he and Carl Bernstein found the story that would seal their fates in the history of investigative reporting.

Their work left the sitting president with no other course of action but to resign from his position immediately.

Now, Bob Woodward is back on the presidential hunting trail, and he’s looking for another lame duck president to put an end to. However, not just any lame duck will do. Woodward is on the lookout for the rare orange lame duck, a species of president unlike anything this world has ever seen.

Trump is naturally freaking out over Woodward’s new book, and, had he known anything about American politics before choosing who he let in the White House, you can be certain that he would have excluded Woodward and Bernstein from that list.

This morning’s presidential Twitter post is dripping with fear as Donald tries to maneuver his way around the claims in this new book by attempting to smear the stellar reputation of a highly respected Washington Post journalist. Check out the orange goblin at “work” below:

Sorry, what?

The man is really bad at this. Where most people would hire a team of people to control their narrative to ensure the best possible reception from the majority of citizens, the illiterate commander in chief takes the wheel solo, making a total ass of himself in the process.

The readers on this tweet were none too happy either. We saved their hilarious mixed reactions to the presidential fail bound to lead to the demise of another accidentally appointed American leader. Check out the best reactions below: