GOP Family Values ‘Hero’ Caught Giving Herpes To Mistress & $1M Payoff: report


The upper echelons of the Republican Party continue to fall apart. President Donald Trump isn’t the only one who’s engaged in extramarital affairs — former Republican National Committee finance official Elliott Broidy also had an affair with former Playboy model Shera Bechard. It’s previously been understood that he pressured her into having an abortion after she became pregnant by him, and agreed to pay her well over $1 million before backing out. Now, there are new — disturbing — details about the two’s relationship available thanks to a judge’s decision to unseal key court filings.

Los Angeles area Judge Elizabeth Allen White unsealed the documents last Friday, which reveal, among other issues, that Broidy hid herpes from Bechard and refused to use protection during sex.

That’s hardly all, though.

The documents relate the following:

‘Although Mr. Broidy said that Mr. Trump was ‘an idiot,’ who ‘could not even pronounce the names of countries correctly,’ Mr. Broidy admired Mr. Trump’s uncanny ability to sexually abuse woman and get away with it. Mr. Broidy began to hurt Ms. Bechard physically during their sexual activities — touching her in ways to which she did not consent.’

To Broidy, then, the allegations from an array of women that they suffered sexual misconduct at the hands of Donald Trump are accurate — and inspirational.

At least a dozen women have made such allegations against the president, bolstered in the face of his denials by a tape on which he can be heard boasting of his supposed freedom to force himself on women. They’re also supported by the very manner in which the man who is now president dismissed some of their allegations, calling them too ugly to sleep with — as if that misogyny helps his case that he’s not a violent misogynist.

This guy, remember, currently serves as the president of the United States. Broidy remained in Trump’s orbit throughout his rise to power despite his reported view of the president as an idiot — which isn’t remarkable, it’s a consensus — and has faced legal scrutiny for what he carried on with during that time. Authorities are, for instance, looking into whether or not he carried on with illegal lobbying on behalf of disgraced Malaysian businessman and fugitive Jho Low, who helped steal well over $1 billion from a Malaysian development fund — and wants U.S. probes into his activities dropped.

Broidy has, unsurprisingly, hardly been forthcoming in responding to the allegations against him, although he did admit to having an affair with Bechard.

Still, denials aren’t going to get him off the hook — although in committing to his stance, he could be seen as again taking after President Trump, who is committed to denouncing every report he doesn’t like as “fake news.”

Bechard’s legal team has explained that they’re undeterred in their efforts, asserting:

‘Elliott Broidy continues to viciously attack our client, Shera Bechard, in the press — this time because a judge found his legal arguments for secrecy unavailing and because his own lawyers failed to do their jobs. We will not be intimidated as we work to vindicate our client’s rights.’

In short — the gradual reveal of Trump World as festering filth only continues this week.

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