Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 Tweet Has Trump Raging Like A 300LB Toddler Who Needs A Nap


Then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was there during the aftermath of 9/11. She walked among the ruins of what once symbolized America’s success and it place as leader of the free world, the Twin Towers. The former secretary of state, once again, remembered those days and the wound it created upon this country’s spirit.

Clinton wrote in her tweet:

‘May we always remember those we lost 17 years ago. May the love, bravery, and selflessness so many showed that day light our path forward.’

She urged the nation to honor those who died in the towers, the Pentagon, and in a Pennsylvania field. Then, Clinton asked us to recall the unity that brought a diverse country together and urged us to emulate “love, bravery, and selflessness” in what has become most certainly the dark days of today.

What a different world this would be had Secretary Clinton taken the lead of this great nation. She was brilliant, efficient, and commanding.

Would the Republicans in Congress have stolen her Supreme Court nominees just as they stole Judge Merrick Garland’s seat from President Barack Obama. What would she have accomplished in the two years that Donald Trump has dissembled, shaken, and frightened the nation?

People may never know whether Clinton would have won the 2016 presidential election if the Russians had stayed out of it. Mere thousands of votes would have swung key battle states in her direction, and surely, Russia’s attack upon the U.S. elections impacted many voters.

Yet, if that truth can be told, the question becomes, if Trump or the Russians stole the election, should that seat go to Vice President Michael Pence ? Or should it go to its rightful owner, Hillary Clinton?

Twitter world went wild after Clinton’s tweet. Check out some of our favorite responses below:

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