Michelle Obama Back To Shake Up Politics Like A Boss – Trump’s Racist Brain In Overdrive


It’s very heartening to know that former President Obama has been working hard to help Democrats take back control of Congress — most former presidents don’t go to the trouble to help their former parties after they leave office. Well, not only is Barack helping, but his wife Michelle is getting in the game too. The former First Lady has joined ranks with Black Entertainment Television (BET) to film a public service announcement to urge women of color to vote.

She talks about how important it is to cast your vote and make your voices heard. She said that’s something her parents instilled in her and she would like all of to put our power to good use. She also mentions the consequences of not voting. She doesn’t mention his name, but she’s talking about Donald Trump. Because so many people stayed home in the last election we’ve been saddled with a corrupt, lawbreaking buffoon as our president and it’s just embarrassing and we all know it.

‘We’ve all seen the difference we can make when we choose to cast our ballots and we’ve seen the consequences when we don’t bother to show up to the polls.’

She goes on to say that women of color know how to get things done for their families, their communities and their country and when they speak people listen, when they lead people will follow, and when they work together there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. She then calls on viewers to encourage their sisters, children, and members of their congregations to register to vote through the nonpartisan initiative, whenweallvote.org.

It’s great to see the former president and First Lady doing their part to make sure this country gets better than what it is right now.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube