Obama Releases Unifying 9/11 Message, Makes Trump Look Inept & Sends W.H. Into Spiral


It has been refreshing to see President Barack Obama back in action before the midterm elections, where a fight for democracy will play out this fall. Donald Trump’s presidency has been filled with nearly unbelievable self-centeredness, whereas Obama reminded us of how a president should act. Forty-four looked outward to others in this way.

He tweeted a message of gratitude and hope:

‘We will always remember everyone we lost on 9/11, thank the first responders who keep us safe, and honor all who defend our country and the ideals that bind us together. There’s nothing our resilience and resolve can’t overcome, and no act of terror can ever change who we are.’

His first thought was to honor all those who died in an act of terror. This president also spoke about respecting those who defend us against danger, including the first responders.

There were words about who we are as a nation within Obama’s message. President Obama reminded us that we have always been a country with high ideals.

The 44th president of these great United States reminded us, too, that people’s “resilience and resolve” can overcome anything..

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.