Trump Continues Disrespectful 9/11 Twitter Rant & This Time Jim Comey Is The Target


Donald Trump would like the American people to think he’s very patriotic. Unfortunately we all know he’s idiotic instead. On the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack this country has ever seen, Trump spent at least a portion of his day attacking people working in our legal justice system instead. Apparently he still can’t get over the fact that James Comey released his personal memos in an effort to protect his image, and Trump is blaming him because a deeper investigation was started because of them.

First of all how long do you think it took Trump to write that direct quote from Fox News? Considering he has the attention span of a goldfish, he probably wore out his DVR starting and stopping at every single word so he could type what they said. Secondly Comey’s memos were from his own personal notes, so they weren’t top-secret information, and third Trump thinks it was unfair that a special counsel was set up to investigate his alleged crimes? That’s ludicrous!

People in Trump’s campaign had direct contact with Russians, and he also got caught trying to set up a backdoor communication route straight to the Kremlin. Also Trump and his cronies got caught lying through their teeth about a whole lot of things. Trump himself was accused of obstructing justice. There was nothing unfair about an investigation getting started into his dirty business dealings.

When Comey released his memos he was trying to protect himself from a sitting president who was out to destroy his good reputation. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact he was right to do it because just look at Trump’s tweet…he’s still attacking Comey today.

Check out some of the responses to Trump’s idiotic tweet.

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