Trump Delivers Racist Anti-Muslim Rant During 9/11 Memorial Speech – A Nation Shocked


Tuesday, after having spent the morning attracting scrutiny on Twitter for rambling on about his favorite conspiracy theories, President Donald Trump went to Pennsylvania to deliver remarks in honor of those who lost their lives in the wreck of United Flight 93 over a decade ago on 9/11. During his speech, he made sure to pay lip service to another conspiracy theory — namely, that using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” somehow magically protects the nation against the onslaught of modern violence.

He said, in part:

‘This memorial is now a message to the world that America will never, ever submit to tyranny… Nearly 7,000 American service members have died facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.’

Watch below.

Applause was a bit more muted after he offered the phrase than it was at other points during his speech. Importantly, though, the possibility that engaging the terrorists in the culture war they want to see wreck the world is a bad idea still hasn’t occurred to Trump — or he just doesn’t care about it.

After all, he’s the one who made banning Muslims from entering the United States a key part of his platform from the very beginning and thereby attracted scrutiny for giving groups like ISIS fodder to use in their rhetorical attacks against the U.S. and the West — and their eventual actual, tangible attacks.

On the ground, he’s even left allies in the actual, tangible fight against ISIS hanging through such means as his administration’s false assertion that the particular terror group is defeated, even though it’s not.

In short, he just keeps floundering.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot