Trump Tweets Bizarre 9/11 Remembrance Video During Tuesday Night Meltdown


It really wasn’t a shock that Mr. Trump had to place himself in the spotlight all day on Tuesday, tweeting like a lunatic and making the most ridiculous comments. One might begin to believe that Trump wants America to think he is more important than truly remembering 9/11. After all, it is well-known that he is a complete narcissist.

Trump tweeted this video on Tuesday evening of himself speaking about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

In the video, he remembers those who lost their lives on the plane that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, saying:

‘These were really great great heroes.’

Although he sounded like a fifth grader, it is certainly appropriate for a president to remember those who lost their lives in the country’s most significant terror attack. However, his video is a strange way of reminding people that it’s always about him. It’s like Trump saying “Nobody take their eyes off me! Not for a minute!”

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted another video of himself speaking about Hurricane Florence, which is set to approach the East Coast by Thursday, telling people to be safe and saying:

‘The safety of America people is my greatest priority.’

What he said wasn’t out of the ordinary for a president. However, coming out of Trump’s mouth, it is obvious baloney. People remember the damage and devastation in Puerto Rico after the U.S. territory was hit by Hurricane Maria. Trump’s greatest priority was anything but safety.

Somehow, he also had time to sneak in a couple of tweets related to Special Counsel Mueller and the Russia investigation, with one including a quote about James Comey leaking information.

Mr. Trump had a productive day of inflating his ego and trying to convince people to believe his hogwash.

Here’s what Twitter had to say to Trump’s 9/11 video:

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter