Irish Co. Reveals Ad Mocking Trump For Nixing Ireland Trip – Conservatives Cry BOYCOTT!


A few days ago, the Trump Administration announced a sudden change of plans as far as The Donald’s upcoming trip to Ireland. Right away, Irish politicians spoke up against the visit. Trump cancelled the trip shortly after that, realizing that going to Ireland amid such backlash was not a good idea. He didn’t say this, of course, but realistically, that’s the only reason that no explanation for the cancellation would be given.

In a press briefing, Sarah Sanders gave the following explanation, which explained nothing:

“The President will travel to Paris in November as previously announced. We are still finalizing whether Ireland will be a stop on that trip. As details are confirmed, we will let you know.”

Now, a company in Ireland has released a new anti-Trump ad on Facebook that has conservatives crying boycott. The image reads:

“Trump cancels. One less bad apple to worry about.”

The photo caption says:

“Making cider great again since 1935.”

An obvious jab at Trump’s feeble “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Screenshot via Facebook

Trump’s visit was announced at the end of August, and immediately caused a row among Irish leaders and politicians. The leader of the Irish Labour Party, Brendan Howlin, responded to the news of Trump’s impending arrival in shock and disgust, saying that Trump was “no friend of democracy and human rights:”

“We will always be firm friends of the American people, but Ireland will not welcome a man with Trump’s record of discrimination, sexism and lies. will join with likeminded people to oppose this visit.”

The responses to the cider ad were exactly what one would expect from Trump’s Kool-Aid drinking supporters, who immediately began promising to boycott the company while liberals hit the cry/laughing emoji on every whine. We saved some of the best reactions for you below: