Trump Flies Into AM Puerto Rico Rant, Calls Death Toll Fake News, Denies Demise Of 3,000


Donald Trump is a lot of things, but classy is not one of them. He also lacks empathy on a scale so grand that, if he weren’t worried about his own skin in prison, he could quite possible be one of the most prolific sociopath criminals of our time. He has zero concern for anyone else, even his own children. That is why Thursday morning’s massive Twitter rant is something few can even believe with their own eyes.

After receiving major backlash for boasting about what a great relief effort took place in Puerto Rico, despite reported deaths as high as 9/11. Now, Trump is saying that the death toll is actually fake news brought to us by the Democratic Party.

See, in Trump’s tiny little brain, he believes that Democrats orchestrated news reports and death toll counts in the months after Hurricane Maria. According to the president, they did this just to make him look bad. Check him out:

This is real life. The president of the United States just said that only 6-18 people were reported dead following the hurricane, and that basically, anyone who died after the hurricane died because of other reasons. It had nothing to do with the hospitals being in disarray and there being no electricity on the island.

The inter-webs were none too pleased with Trump either, and the comments they left on the first tweet speak volumes as to the distrust people have in our current commander in chief. We saved the best reactions for you below: