Rudy Giuliani Unleashes Saturday Twitter Tirade That Has Trump Looking Guilty AF


Rudy Giuliani has really made a name for himself since going to work for Trump, and quite honestly, it’s sad to see a man who was so revered after 9/11, completely ruin his reputation as an empathetic, compassionate human being. No one foresaw him throwing away, what would have been a somewhat honorable legacy during an extremely significant point in history, for the sake of Donald Trump’s short-lived career as an American politician.

But that’s just what he did.

Giuliani has humiliated himself multiple times on national television for Donald Trump. His ridiculous excuses and lame accusations have the entire thinking part of the country facepalming so hard that they wake up the next day.

The second it was announced that Paul Manafort was cooperating with Robert Mueller’s investigation, Trump’s team went into overdrive, and naturally, Giuliani was one of the first to act a fool. Check out what he tweeted Saturday morning:

The tweet reads:

“According to sources close to Manafort defense: ‘The coooeration agree does not involve the Trump campaign….There was no collusion with Russia.’ Another road travelled by Mueller. Same conclusion: no evidence of collusion President did nothing wrong.”

Hmm. We only wish that made sense.

People on Twitter weren’t buying it, either, as can be seen in the comment thread of this very tweet. We captured some of the best reactions for you below, including one from actress Rosanna Arquette: