Trump Jr. Goes On 2-Day Twitter Rampage After Mueller Announces Manafort Cooperation


Donald Trump Jr. is not the brightest man on the planet. Much like his father, the eldest Trump child is a bit lost when it comes to things that are relatively common sense to most people. Like maybe, after a federal investigation takes a sudden, historic turn, you don’t throw a giant tantrum on social media about completely different topics, believing that people can’t see through to the heart of the matter.

You are terrified that your turn in the hot seat is that much closer.

Ever since it was announced that Paul Manafort is cooperating with Robert Mueller, Trump Jr. has been ranting like a total lunatic on his Twitter page. Check out the gems below:

Now, his social media viewers are fighting back by letting Junior know that he’s protesting a bit much. Check out the hilarious comments on the tweet attacking Obama for a ten year old joke below: