Michael Avenatti Goes On ‘CNN Sunday’ & Makes Tucker Carlson Look Like An Ass


Michael Avenatti is speaking out about that wild interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and his remarks aren’t exactly flattering. Calling him “completely unprofessional,” Avenatti remarked that Carlson has lost all respect as a “journalist.” He didn’t really have any before that interview, though.

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Avenatti answered the burning question on most viewers’ minds: why did he ever agree to speak with Carlson, anyway? His answer was pure fire.

‘I think if you’re going to be a fighter and you’re going to fight for the future of this country and lead the Democratic Party, then you can’t be ducking fights. And frankly, sometimes you have to go into the belly of the beast, as they say, and take on some of these individuals.’

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Avenatti also criticized Carlson for the use of the term “creepy porn lawyer,” which Carlson announced prior to the interview wouldn’t be used.  While he didn’t say the words, the phrase appeared in the chyron under the two during the interview.

‘I think Tucker looked terrible coming out of that interview,” Avenatti remarked. “He constantly spoke over me. I thought the use of the ‘creepy porn lawyer’ at the bottom of the screen, which I was not aware of at the time — otherwise, I would have called him out on it — I thought that was completely unprofessional and uncalled for. I think that Tucker lost whatever modicum of respect as a journalist he had left as a result of that interview.’

In one of the more explosive responses, Avenatti asked Carlson why he didn’t refer to Donald Trump as the “creepy porn president” since he was the one who had sex with an adult film star “with a four-month-old son at home, without a condom.” Audible gasps could be heard in the Fox News studio.


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