BREAKING: Shooting Erupts At Judge’s Office; Officer Down (DETAILS)


While in D.C., they try to figure out whether or not attempting rape should keep someone off the U.S. Supreme Court (hint: IT SHOULD), Americans across the country continue to face the realities of life in their gun violence wracked nation.

On Wednesday, in Pennsylvania, a number of people were shot at┬áDistrict Judge Daniel Shimshock’s office, including at least one police officer. Initial reports indicated at least one fatality, since the local coroner’s office was called, and it turned out to be the shooter. There’s no immediate word about their identity, although authorities do insist that the situation is under control. Much of the unavailable information will likely be forthcoming.

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The incident immediately followed an argument, according to Uniontown attorney David Kaiser, who was on the premises. As much information remains unavailable, a precise course of action that would have kept the violence from unfolding is not immediately clear.

Pretty much just the violence is clear at this point, late Wednesday afternoon. The incident is yet another reminder of the nation’s leaders’ unwillingness to restrain those who harbor ill will towards their fellow Americans (and humans in general). The incident emerged basically concurrent to a shooting at a Wisconsin office building that left multiple people injured.

Unless national political leaders choose to do something about the gun violence epidemic, the stories will keep piling up. The midterms later this year present an opportunity to put individuals in public office who care and will (hopefully) try and stop the violence.