Body-Cam Footage Reveals Cop Punching Hispanic Woman In The Face & Dragging Her


More proof that there is widespread police brutality scattered across America has been revealed after the Goodyear Police Department revealed body-cam footage that showed a police officer punching a Hispanic woman in the face.

The video shows an officer, referred to only as M. Ross, exit his vehicle and walk up to Renee Armenta’s car. He asks her immediately to step out of the car and then attempts to place her under arrest – without indicating what she was being arrested for.

When she asked what she had done to warrant being arrested, the body cam footage shows a struggle between the two as the officer tells her to get her hands out. Throughout the ordeal, Armenta continuously asks what she did wrong.

He then begins pulling Armenta trying to get her away from the car, and as she falls, he begins dragging her along the pavement. Armenta also had a passenger in the car with her who got out of the vehicle. As he did, the officer ordered him to the ground with his gun drawn.

Screenshot from video.

As he’s handcuffing Armenta, she asks why he punched her. He claims she resisted arrest; however, he never explained why she was initially being arrested. After walking to the police vehicle, he tells her she’s being arrested for her license being revoked.

He admitted to other officers on the scene that the male passenger was on a phone outside of a gas station. Apparently, talking on your phone outside of a store is suspicious behavior because that’s the only reason why he ran the license plates on Armenta’s car.

Interestingly enough, he also tells them that Armenta reached behind her, which prompted the punching and struggle; however, he later claimed her hands went behind her head.

First off, what in the world is a woman going to have behind her head? Is she hiding a gun or a knife in her hair?

After being punched, Armenta asked to be transferred to the hospital; however, another officer told her it didn’t matter if she went because she was still going to jail.

A bystander also recorded the event from a different angle across the street.

One thing you should know about this event. Goodyear, Arizona is located in Maricopa County. Joseph Arpaio is the former sheriff of the area, and we all know who that is.

Featured image from YouTube screenshot.