BREAKING: Mass Shooter Takes Over Rite-Aid Warehouse – Multiple Victims Reported


Police in Aberdeen, Maryland responded to reports of a shooter at a business just after 9:00am Thursday morning, and though little is known about the incident at this moment, multiple victims have been found at the scene.

According to ABC:

Several people have been shot in Aberdeen, Maryland, authorities said Thursday. The shooting occurred at Spesutia Road and Perryman Road, according to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are at the scene and an FBI team is on the way, law enforcement sources said. Residents should avoid the area, the sheriff’s office warned in a tweet.

It is unknown how many victims there are, or if the shooter is still active.

A witness who wants to be known only as “Bo,” gave the following statement to the press Thursday morning:

“We were like two blocks over when we got completely bombarded by — I’m not exaggerating — 20-30 cops, and then ambulances and everything started pouring in. At that point, they blocked us in and we tried to turn around,” Bo said. “They’re telling us that there is an active shooter.”

“This happened inside the warehouse (on Perryman Road),” Bo said. “The called a bunch of EMS and they told us they were carrying out another five victims.”

The witness continued:

“We didn’t know what to do. They were coming in groups of 10. I am not joking, and they were running people off the road. There was even an accident and a head-on collision dead in front of us at a stoplight because they were literally throwing people off the road. They were going.”

The shooting appears to have taken place at a Rite-Aid distribution center located in Aberdeen.

David Graf, with New German Performance gave the following statement to WBAL TV:

“There’s a lot of police activity and ambulances and fire engines. They have the whole area blocked off. We’ve been able to get in and out. We have our business locked down since we’re so close. There’s not any way to get out of the area, so I can only imagine there’s still someone they’re searching for.”

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