Ivanka Goes Full-Plastic In Phony Thursday Tweet Like A Possessed Barbie & Gets Leveled


Ivanka Trump, much like her mother and step-mother, is a do-nothing priss, which means you will not be hearing much out of any of them. You won’t seeing seeing much get done either, for that matter. It’s unknown how exactly Ivanka “advises” the president, but what we do know is that her effect on the White House is next to nil.

What Ivanka is known for, this time, like daddy, is her tweets.

She doesn’t abuse Twitter the way her father does, but when she posts, you just know it’s going to be the phoniest display you’ve ever seen from someone who showed zero interest in social or political issues until she set her eye on the White House.

Check out this gem from Thursday morning:

This economic boom the Trumps keep talking about is being felt by no one but the top 1%, and yet they keep trying to convince us that we feel it like the most out-of-touch bunch of a**holes this side of the looney bin. Twitter users flocked to the tweet to give Ivanka a piece of their mind. Check out the best responses below:

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